YouMemo 4.821.1445

Write notes and memos on your touch-screen computer


  • Highly customizable notes
  • Nice interface design
  • Support for multi-touch


  • Basic alarm functions
  • Maybe not that useful if you don't have a touch screen

Very good

YouMemo is a note-taking tool that can be used on any computer, but which has been especially developed for those with a touch screen.

With that special feature in mind, YouMemo offers a simple yet nicely designed interface with simple menus and large buttons – easy to use with your fingers. You can create as many notes and memos as you need, and freely arrange them on YouMemo’s main screen, which resembles the typical cork board for pinning notices.

Notes in YouMemo can be customized in many ways. You can pick the background color, choose between several writing tools, and also make use of special stamps and brushes that let you automatically insert all sorts of graphics.

YouMemo also offers an alarm function for your notes, although it’s pretty basic and doesn’t include any configuration options.

YouMemo is a nicely designed note-taking app that works best in touch screen-capable computers.

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